Monday, November 21, 2011

Well, that's a little better

I'd like to say a restful weekend helped get me back on my feet but to be honest I've stopped trying to figure this out.  I feel quite a lot better today.  I have more energy, I feel more alert, and my cough has even relented somewhat.  I managed to eat a little more over the weekend so maybe that has something to do with it, too.  Hopefully it'll last at least until my next chemo treatment, and if it doesn't then I can deal with that, too.  I have a long weekend coming up for Thanksgiving and I'm hoping that'll help me reset completely.  I believe my next round of chemo is in early December so it'd be nice to have a little time feeling normal.

My friend Will up in Canada has delayed his next round by a week.  His blood tests showed that he was just barely within normal platelet levels so they want to give him some more time to recover.  The fact that his chemo could still have that much of an impact on him after three weeks might help explain why I'm still fighting symptoms even this far out myself.  Even with my delayed symptoms, he's still taken it harder than I. 

Right now, it's Sam I'm most worried about.  I mentioned him way back in the beginning, as a close friend and co-worker, the first person I told and one who's been supportive this entire ordeal.  Well, he's started having some problems himself.  His wrist has bothered him for a long time but his doctor said that was carpal tunnel.  He's recently been seeing a cardiologist for heart murmurs.  Then today, he has a visual disturbance in his left eye, what he described as a "black donut" that appears around whatever he's looking at if he focuses hard enough.  It's a terrifyingly familiar symptom.  It's typically caused by pressure on the retina, but that can be caused by all sorts of things.  He has a family history of glaucoma, for instance.  It sounds terrible to wish a disease like that upon a friend; I just don't want him to have brain cancer.  Thankfully he's being very pro-active about it.  It started this morning and he already has an appointment with an opthamologist.  Dr. C. recommended a neuro-opthamologist to me so I'm going to get Sam his contact information as well, just in case. 

And if it turns out to be something serious, well, he's been there for me.  I'd return the favor in an instant.

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