About This Blog

I am a 30-year-old with a transaxial grade 2 oligo-astrocytoma, centered in the left frontal lobe. While I respect the rights of others to believe as they please, I am an agnostic, in that I believe only in that for which I see sufficient evidence and therefore do not believe in a God or higher power. At the same time, I acknowledge that it is also impossible to disprove a God. You could also say that I'm an atheist who got tired of explaining the difference between atheism and agnosticism.  I lost my faith over a decade ago as the result of introspection and contemplation, rather than a crisis of faith due to my diagnosis.

I started this blog as a personal record of my experiences with brain cancer, in the hopes that it may help me through this difficult time, as well as others in a similar situation, their caregivers and their loved ones.  Cancer is a devastating diagnosis, especially without the comfort of a benevolent, omnipotent being, or the promise of an afterlife.  This is how I cope.

I am not looking to turn anyone away from their faith.  Quite the contrary; I encourage anyone suffering through cancer and any of their loved ones to hold on to their faith as tightly as possible.  However I know from personal experience that not everyone, myself included, can manage that.  While I disagree with religious texts as a factual account of history and the nature of the world, I understand that there are good reasons to believe that transcend such material concerns. 

Please note that while I do have an interest in biology, I have no medical training or expertise. In addition, each cancer patient and each cancer is unique, and in some ways my case is considered atypical. Please do not interpret anything on this blog as medical advice and if you have a concern, consult your doctor.

The names of people, places and organizations have been changed to protect the innocent (and guilty).