Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The boss wants us to stay late this week to make up for the time lost during the storm.  They've been good to me, so while it isn't exactly pleasant I'm not going to complain.  Yesterday I stayed until closing, an hour after usual.  There was only one other worker in my building.  I find it kind of ironic that I'm on chemotherapy yet I'm one of the only workers who can be assed to put in extra time. 

When I got home I slept for two hours, then went to bed an hour or two earlier than usual, so I got far more sleep than usual.  I'm still feeling tired and foggy today, but not as bad as I was yesterday.  Fortunate, since it looks like I'm going to stay even later tonight. 

My "short circuits" seem to be hitting me no matter where I look now.  Last night I tried my best to relax my mind, not to "resist" the strange impulses I felt.  It worked a little, but I'm thinking this isn't the kind of thing I can just think away.  I'll talk to Dr. C. about it next time I see him.

On the plus side, my headache's gone away.  That's a relief.  I'm sure I'll get it back soon enough as in my eternal struggle for better internet access, I have found that Charter absolutely does not care about me in the slightest.  They won't even let me try to install it myself, even though I've been running telecommunications systems since I was a teenager.  I'm thinking I'll try it anyway and see if I can get the mandatory installation fee refunded.  Even though dealing with Charter is frustrating and insulting, they're still better than the alternative.  They're offering 12mbps for $35/month.  AT&T charges me $50/month for a connection about 1/40th as fast.  To AT&Ts credit, it's really stable.  If I throw a battery backup on my router and modem (along with my computer, of course), I can stay online during a power outage.  Even so, I can no longer stomach paying more for so much less. 

Stay tuned for chapter 2: trying to cancel that $50/month service with AT&T.  I'm positive they won't make it easy.  Their webpage barely acknowledges it's even possible.

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